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Doula: Product



The most intense and beautiful moments can be experienced in Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. Yet, many women are so caught up in fears and the stress of everyday life that they are lost to these wonderful opportunities.  My role, as your Doula, is to support you & your partner so that you can  make informed choices and have the best experience this journey can offer. I will provide non-medical care, reassurance and encouragement, yoga, breathing, massage and relaxation techniques and help with labor and birth positions.

Cost : 600Euros (reduced fees are available for families that require financial assistance) 

1-2 Pre-natal meetings + 1 assisted birthplan workshop + 1 one-on-one Pre-natal yoga  & Massage + email / phone help + Birth Attendance


The first few weeks following birth are often difficult for many women as mother and baby recover from the intense birthing experience. I will help you during this transitional phase to care for  baby & older siblings, establish feeding, do light housework, prepare nutritious meals, run errandsand give you the support needed so you can rest and feel reassured.

Cost : 500Euros (reduced fees are available for families that require financial assistance) 

3 half post-natal days + 2 meals / day for the family + 1 post-natal mummy massage + 1 baby massage + email / telephone helpline

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